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I'm Cosplaying!~ by MusicalEquestrian628 I'm Cosplaying!~ :iconmusicalequestrian628:MusicalEquestrian628 3 18 Blush by MusicalEquestrian628 Blush :iconmusicalequestrian628:MusicalEquestrian628 2 12 #PrayForParis by MusicalEquestrian628 #PrayForParis :iconmusicalequestrian628:MusicalEquestrian628 2 37 Where Maple Trees Grow by MusicalEquestrian628 Where Maple Trees Grow :iconmusicalequestrian628:MusicalEquestrian628 1 5 Cleveland in Starlight by MusicalEquestrian628 Cleveland in Starlight :iconmusicalequestrian628:MusicalEquestrian628 0 3
Distant Memories {Hetalia- Rome x China}
At first, China thought it was a dream.... A silly dream.... A dream that showed him what he really wanted to see, as much as he knew his wish wouldn't be fulfilled. But this dream felt so... real. It made him feel so peaceful.... yet at the same time it scared the Asian half to death.
He dreamt that Rome had come back from his rest... From his sleep of being dead.... Yet China clearly thought it was time for him to wake up.
He dreamt that Rome had come to him, apologizing for being gone for so long.... China couldn't find the words to tell him it was alright- that he was here now, alive, walking and talking, and they could be together again.... Just like the ancient times. They laughed together, China telling him stories of what had happened while he was gone for the last few centuries, and Rome told him what being dead was like... The afterlife everyone wished to experience because of its eternal peace- little did everyone know it would be nothing like that.
And then.... And then tha
:iconmusicalequestrian628:MusicalEquestrian628 2 0
They Say I Couldn't- I Say I Will by MusicalEquestrian628 They Say I Couldn't- I Say I Will :iconmusicalequestrian628:MusicalEquestrian628 2 0 Rebel Soul 3 by MusicalEquestrian628 Rebel Soul 3 :iconmusicalequestrian628:MusicalEquestrian628 0 7 COKE FO SHORE :D by MusicalEquestrian628 COKE FO SHORE :D :iconmusicalequestrian628:MusicalEquestrian628 0 14 I'm Back!! by MusicalEquestrian628 I'm Back!! :iconmusicalequestrian628:MusicalEquestrian628 3 25 Hetalia- Antonio Fernandez Carriedo-Vargas by MusicalEquestrian628 Hetalia- Antonio Fernandez Carriedo-Vargas :iconmusicalequestrian628:MusicalEquestrian628 1 0 Nekotalia UsUk- Hero x Scone by MusicalEquestrian628 Nekotalia UsUk- Hero x Scone :iconmusicalequestrian628:MusicalEquestrian628 0 0 One-Minute Challenge- OC Sicily by MusicalEquestrian628 One-Minute Challenge- OC Sicily :iconmusicalequestrian628:MusicalEquestrian628 0 0 Neko! Ronald Knox by MusicalEquestrian628 Neko! Ronald Knox :iconmusicalequestrian628:MusicalEquestrian628 1 0 Christmas OC- Nol Kriston by MusicalEquestrian628 Christmas OC- Nol Kriston :iconmusicalequestrian628:MusicalEquestrian628 0 0 APH Greece- Heracles Karpusi  by MusicalEquestrian628 APH Greece- Heracles Karpusi :iconmusicalequestrian628:MusicalEquestrian628 1 0


Hetalia The Movie-Stuck Between Different Worlds
Edit 08/9 12AM: I'm sorry I posted this twice! ^^; I don't know how that happend!
Edit 08/9 1PM: And now the other post is gone? I edited it apologizing for the douple post and now it's gone? Wth. 
I mean I thought about deleting it but then I saw the comments and changed my mind but where is it now? Seriously  ಠ_ಠ
Edit 08/9 8PM: Nevermind I found it! x3

Edit 08/17: I removed the polls! Thank you everyone for voting!

After 84 years it's finally here with a bunch of polls :XD: //since I'm rather insecure about this project and my Series.
It took me two days to get the freaking video up! :XD:
To clarify the whole story behind this project I bit further:
In 2015 I came up with the insane idea of creating a whole Hetalia Movie featuring the 2P!Characters.
In May 2015 I created a Tumblr Post, telling people about my idea and asking them if they would watch such a movie but since I didn
:iconviv-i:VIV-I 67 49
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MusicalEquestrian628's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
I love anything having to do with art: drawing, writing, photography, acting, dancing, music, and traveling- anything!!

My deviations: I am horrible, and I mean HORRIBLE, with working with Photoshop, so I just draw drawings, sometimes coloring them, and scan them. I'm a hardcore slasher/ yaoi fan (um, do me a favor and don't go through my favorites? XD )

As mentioned above, I love traveling. Though I've only done to New York, Tennessee, Florida, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, and Canada, I have dreams of going to Europe and Asia as well- possibly South America, too. I love making friends with foreigners, so please don't be afraid to send a Note! I know a German, Spaniard, Frenchman, Swede, Italian, Hungarian, and Brit- and I love them all!

Well, thanks for reading, and happy creating!~ Paulimar xX


I'm Cosplaying!~
Okay, so I'm going to Comic-Con on October 2nd and I can't decide who to go as!! My mom would never let me go as Harley Quinn ( ^^; ) so I had to look over to anime. I already did Alois Trancy last year so I wanted to do Hetalia! But from Alois I learned I look retched as a blonde, so I want to go as a person who has dark brown or black hair who I ACTUALLY like- Spain, Romano, or Japan (my friend is doing Italy). Here I am shown something that looks like a Nyotalia Germany, but, she's blonde (and smoking, oohlala~!).

So there you have it xD The entire story (if you read the whole thing through).

- Paulimar xx
Hundreds of people died in these last few bombings- especially the one on Bastille Day. I love the country of France and I would hate to see it be torn apart. Share this hashtag if you support the cause xX
So, a while ago I posted a journal saying I was taking votes for MLP, Black Butler, or Supernatural. Each got equal votes, so it was even and I had to make a hard decision. I had no idea which to pick- I was originally going to do Castiel from Supernatural (you know, that scruffy and adorable fallen angel? No, not Balthazar- the OTHER one) but when I saw the price of the trench coat I FLIPPED. It didn't go any lower then $70, sadly.

I had to go to plan B: Black Butler! (Black Butler- plan B? Anyone get it??? No? Ok.....)
I wanted to do one of my OTP's- which is ALOT of possibilities- but I met a while ago and we agreed to do my strongest OTP, Ciel and Alois!!!!

I'll be posting pictures in a few weeks so stay tuned! <3

P.S: I'LL be doing the blonde, bi-polar, sparkly, perverted freak. AND I LOVE IT!


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